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You’re Made for More…Here’s Why!

In the mad rush that is December, our “to-do” lists are miles long. On top of trying to wrap up loose ends at work before the new year, we’re busy preparing holiday get-togethers and searching for the perfect gifts to express our love and appreciation to our friends, family and colleagues.

Celeste Giordano

Giving gifts and making time for our loved ones is one of the ways that we honor the relationships we treasure. But too often, in working tirelessly to give to others, December becomes a month that we forget to honor and respect ourselves.

There’s an idea that “the honor you display will always come back to you.” In December, we’re often busy doing for others – and that’s a beautiful thing – but it’s also important to do for yourself. And don’t adopt the mistaken belief that making time for yourself means you’re a selfish scrooge!

Part of being the best parent, spouse and friend you can be is investing in yourself and your growth. Honor yourself by making time to grow your skill sets and overcome barriers to success. It’s the quickest route to building a legacy business. And with a legacy business, the things you can do for your loves ones and community exponentially expand.

Imagine your business being at a place where you can take your family on that dream vacation to New Zealand or sponsor a community fundraiser to raise money for families who can’t afford to buy gifts for their children this year. With a legacy business, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

So, I challenge you to carve time into December to honor yourself. If you’re a business owner, take stock of where you’re at and ask yourself this one question:


The answer is likely a resounding “yes” (and if it isn’t, before working on growing your business, you should be investing time into building your confidence and self-worth).

Make some time before the end of the month to consider whether or not your beliefs and values, words, relationships, work and focus are where they need to be to support your mission of building a legacy business.

More likely than not, you’ll identify several “gaps,” areas in your life that require attention and change. And that’s perfectly okay. You can’t begin making the changes necessary to achieve your goals and build your legacy until you’ve identified those gaps.

It’s also critical to take note of your successes. You may feel like you’ve accomplished little this year, but I can guarantee you that you’ve done more than you give yourself credit for. Did you learn to communicate better with a difficult client or employee? Did you land an account you’d been pursuing for ages? Did you make time for yourself and your well-being? Make note of – and take the time to celebrate – your 2014 victories, large or small.

As a Master Sales and Business Strategist, speaker and consultant, I know how challenging it can be to put a plan in action and actually execute it. This evening, I’m launching the Legacy Business Blueprint, a game-changing practical webinar series. It’s designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs take the necessary action steps to build their legacies.

Once again I ask you, are you made for more?

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Celeste Giordano, owner and founder of Celeste Giordano Coaching, is a highly effective leader and communicator with talent for promoting new business.  Celeste is a personable and persuasive motivator and mentor, dynamic presenter, savvy negotiator and entrepreneur who inspires and motivates at every level of the business.

After nearly 35 years in direct sales working for a nationally known company, Celeste was ready for a new challenge, one that involved sharing the tools, strategies, and mindset that people need to master the sales techniques that contributed to her decades of genuine success.  Celeste launched Celeste Giordano Coaching because she is fiercely passionate about helping individuals – salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners – achieve real personal and financial success.  As a master sales strategist, speaker, and consultant, Celeste’s mission is to help businesses owners develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to “double-plus” their income and become effective and inspirational leaders in their fields. 

Celeste lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with her childhood sweetheart husband, Mike, and the two best Westies in the world, Kirby and Harley.  Mike and Celeste are both great cooks and enjoy spending evenings on their patio, listening to music and entertaining friends.