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Youth brings nostalgia

My neighborhood in Grayson is a Bulldog nation because my neighbor is  David Greene outstanding “winningest quarterback in NCAA Division 1 history” the University of Georgia Quarterback from 2001-2004.

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

He and wife Veronica Clark Greene met at South Gwinnett High School where David honed his football skills with legendary Coach T. McFerrin while Veronica was an outstanding soccer athlete.  David and Veronica and sons Jordan and Bear had ALMOST the ideal family but with the recent addition of Golden Doodle Jake, age 9 weeks, and some sledding quality snow, good times took a turn for even better.


Brian Ridgdell, the Associate Pastor at Grayson United Methodist Church, has children ages 25-33 that he coached years ago in many sports. In his role at GUMC, he primarily works with adults. However, serving as a volunteer Coach allows him an opportunity to be involved with the youth of the church. The young ladies (3rd-5th graders) on his basketball team promptly named themselves the “Mustaches”.

The “Most Spirited” winners at Lanier High School took it a step above and beyond. Photographers Meredith Chastain and Alex Beard asked Ivey Thompson and Ben Brown to get in character and they, with some thought-provoking props… they happily trudged around the school in 22 degree weather to get this amazing photo on the Longhorn in the LHS Stadium.

Brookwood High School ensured that its strong culture would prevail by replacing beloved Principal Debra Dees with William “Bo” Ford. Mr. Ford, native of Kingsport, Tennessee, has been an Assistant Principal at Brookwood High School for the past few years, and therefore is not only an accomplished administrator but is already in possession of several essential garments of Bronco Spirit wear.

We had several Grayson Elementary School regulars try out the Magic Moment new green screen photo booths which can serve as a fun side item to selected events. Model Jennifer and Jayson Barber, as well as Bryant, Blake and Mom Casey Lumpp and perennial column favorite Blake Schroder, were our enthusiastic test market volunteers.

Grayson’s continual emergence as an ideal hometown took another step forward when native Gwinnett resident, Allison Wilkerson was sworn in as Mayor. She is both the first woman Mayor in Grayson history as well as the first “second generation” Mayor. Ms. Wilkerson is also Vice President of the Gwinnett Municipal Association. Her father is Doug Wilkerson, and he has been a positive force in Grayson for many years, serving as Mayor in 1978-1979 and then from 1991 to 2002, not to mention his many years as Chairman of the Board at Eastside Medical Center.

Another set of Gwinnett natives are my oldest grandchildren, Blake Schroder and Hayden Barnett. I really understood how time flies when they showed up at my door the other morning. As first grade students at Grayson Elementary school, Blake and Hayden were headed to “100” day. While I applauded their attire, I felt a certain nostalgia for their youth.

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