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Zoë Wellness Center – Helping People Gain Hope

Four months ago, John Ross was diagnosed with congestive lung failure, restrictive breathing, and diabetes. His doctor had leveled his gaze at John and informed him that if he didn’t lose weight, he would die. When John stumbled out of his doctor’s office in a daze, just four months ago, he weighed 437 pounds.

Zoë Wellness Center – Helping People Gain Hope

At first, John didn’t know what to do. He had failed at every diet he had tried. “…Keto, paleo, South Beach, anything you could try, it never worked,” he said. Then John saw a television ad that seemed too good to be true – he could lose up to thirty pounds in just thirty days on a technology-based, personalized weight-loss program at the ZOË Wellness Center. He said, “To be honest, I was really skeptical.” But as he looked over at his twelve-year-old son, John knew he had to try.

When John Ross walked into the ZOË Wellness Center in Duluth, Georgia last October, he weighed 437 pounds. And within 30 days, John became a believer. “In the first 30 days, I lost 47.8 pounds,” he said. “I went from a size 56 [pants] to a 48 in less than 30 days.” His transformation was astonishing. “My doctor saw me and about had a cow. My blood work came back better. I don’t have to take any insulin right now. No pain… I feel great. It’s a complete life-changing experience!”

ZOË CEO and visionary Damon Davis witnessed John’s transformation firsthand. “Helping others has always been my passion, and when this man walked in and said, ‘I don’t want to die,’ our team’s hearts went out to him and to his son. We knew that if he allowed our ZOË team to work with him, and he followed this program, we would help change his life forever.”

John stayed on the program beyond his thirty days, and lost another twenty pounds, and now weighs 367. And he isn’t stopping! “I no longer have to use oxygen when I sleep at night. I don’t even have to use a scooter when I shop anymore. We can actually go to the park and walk around the whole thing. We’re taking a trip soon to Pigeon Forge, so it’s going to be the first time where I’m not having to use a wheelchair.”

“It brings me and our team so much joy to know how much affect we have on the lives of others,” CEO and Wellness Coach Damon Davis said, “People put their trust in us to guide them through what is very emotional for them – weight loss. And we are here to help everyone who walks through this door.”

Where new patients had previously given up on losing weight and feeling healthy, the ZOË Wellness Center offers them hope. This system is for people who want to lose a little or a lot of weight. Their patients have reported positive results well beyond their weight loss, including the reduction of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, reducing or eliminating the need for insulin in management of diabetes, and helped improve sleep apnea, low energy levels, and even symptoms of menopause.

The ZOË Wellness programs are unique and individualized, using innovative technology to determine the root cause of their weight gain, and address their cellular balance. and any irregularities slowing metabolic rates. Then, with the support and guidance of Certified Wellness Coaches, clients begin their individualized plan designed to restore balance at a cellular level in their metabolism, immune system and body as a whole. Those who have followed this guided program step by step have seen excess pounds fall off as they become a more centered, balanced version of themselves!

Those interested in losing 15 – 35 pounds or more in just thirty days and improving their overall health and wellness should call the ZOË Wellness Center at (770) 239-6205, or visit to get started! Some programs include occasional visits to the center, which is located at 2775 Premiere Pkwy, Suite 360, Duluth, GA 30097. Those interested in creating a change from the inside out are encouraged to call the Duluth center for a free Bio-Metric Body Analysis. Valued at $100, those who call will receive their assessment at no charge!

The ZOË Wellness Center is helping people lose weight, lose inches off their waistline, remove their negative body image, and combat chronic health problems, while helping them gain freedom, mobility, longevity, and ultimately… hope.