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Zoe Wellness Center — Restoring Body Balance one person at a time

Zoe Wellness Center, a Duluth-based weight loss and ‘body balance’ spa, is taking the Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta area by storm. Dozens of clients are reporting a weight loss of up to 30 pounds in just 30 days through a technology-driven, medication-free program designed to accelerate noticeable change that will last. 

Featured on major local television networks, including CBS46, 11 Alive, Atlanta & Company and Atlanta Plugged In, the Zoe method is a safe and effective means to lose weight, increase energy and improve overall wellness. 

“Wellness is a journey,” states CEO and co-founder Damon Davis. He advocates that each individual should strive for total body balance, focusing on health at the cellular level to start achieving their full potential.

Where numerous clients had given up on losing weight and feeling healthy, with Zoe Wellness Center, they have access to a unique, individualized program that uses high-end technology scans to determine the root cause of their weight gain and any irregularities slowing their metabolic rate. Then, with the support and guidance of Certified Wellness Coaches, each can begin their individualized plan designed to restore balance in their metabolism, immune system and body as a whole. Those who have followed this guided program step by step have seen excess pounds will fall off as they come into a more centered, more balanced version of themselves.

Unlike programs that require fad dieting and strenuous exercise routines, Zoe Wellness Center uses technology to determine the most effective program for each client. Before starting, each participant is required to take a Bio-Metric Body Analysis to assess weight loss goals while measuring body mass percentages and other critical components. The method also involves Body Balancing Technology to help reverse critical health issues; it implements Metabolic Body Balancing technology to target and correct hormone imbalances.

What makes the Zoe Wellness Center program different from anything else in the industry is it accentuates the body’s natural ability to restore balance and lose weight without requiring medications or expensive gym memberships. It’s all about giving each client the boost they need to get their body perfectly aligned and in motion. “We emphasize the importance of movement as opposed to what most people call ‘exercise’. Movement should be enjoyable, and it can even be working in the garden,” Davis explained.

Reviews for the program can be found online at Many participants have shared their stories of losing 30, even 50 pounds in just 30 days. However, the program’s greatest success lies in its proven ability to improve overall wellness and even counteract symptoms of critical health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, diabetes, anxiety and depression and much more.

“We’re seeing results. Story, after story, after story of people dropping 10, 15, 30, 100 pounds. Medication reducing. People that are off of canes. People that are mobile now. Happier. Sleeping. All of those types of things, we are hearing about,” Davis said. “That’s how you know what you’re doing is making an impact. And we’re hearing it every week. It’s crazy. It’s awesome. But I’m not surprised.”

Those interested in creating a change from the inside out are encouraged to call the Duluth center for a free Bio-Metric Body Analysis. Valued at $100, those who call (770)239-6205 will receive their assessment at no charge.

Some programs will include occasional visits to the center located at 2775 Premiere Pkwy., Ste. 360, Duluth, Ga. 30097. All participants are welcome to call and email as often as necessary for additional resources as they take steps to become a more fulfilled and confident version of themselves.