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December 20, 2013

Carol Wood

Students: what is your EQ?

As a student have you ever wonder what your IQ score is or wished it were higher? Well no matter the level of your Intelligence Quotient or IQ, when it comes to happiness and success in life, EQ or Emotional Intelligence is just as if not more important than IQ. Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at school, and achieve your career and personal goals.

Bella Koenig, Journalist, Couch Middle School

Great gifts for teens

Great gifts for teens
By Bella Koenig

Let’s say that you bought your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or close family friend a pair of socks last year as a gift. They might have had the biggest and brightest smile on their face, but don’t be fooled. Teenagers are great actors! It might have just been there so that they did not hurt your feelings.

Chris Cotter and Hunter Cole, Journalists, Couch Middle School

Finding a perfect teen gift

Finding a perfect teen gift
By Chris Cotter and Hunter Cole

Figuring out what your kid wants for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion can often be one of the hardest tasks to complete. It’s difficult to tell what they may actually like, especially when if the teen is not that active.

Dr Foley Beach

Remember the holidays?

I wonder how many of us really remember (or even know) the reasons behind our holidays.

Major Lester Erving in uniform

Welcome home

On Veterans Day last month, Gwinnett County held its annual ceremony at the Gwinnett Fallen Heroes Memorial in Lawrenceville. While service men and women, past and present, were honored, the event featured a special “welcome home” for Vietnam veterans.

Healthy, Happy Friends December 2013

Healthy, Happy Friends – December 2013
By Joan Sewell

Shoveling snow off the walkway to our front door was a difficult task but everyone in the family took a turn. We grew cold, weary and in need of warm food. Just as we stored the shovels, we realized our neighbors, an elderly couple, might not be physically able to clear their walk.

Mandy Snell

The 80’s: Times to remember!

The 80’s: Times to remember!
By Mandy Snell Harris

How did we ever make it growing up without cell phones and computers ? Answer… Just fine.

Charlotte Nash, Chairman Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

SPLOST makes Gwinnett better

This off-year election offered one major choice – a renewal of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for three more years.