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December 3, 2015

Carol Wood

The twelve gifts of birth!

In my work with young people in their academics, often I find them lacking confidence, motivation, and hope.  They also sometimes have no clear vision as to what their life is to be all about. 

Julie Rizzo - Archer HS

Perfecting ending

Perfecting ending

I drove through of what seemed to be a curtain of constant rain and tried to make it home. My windshield wipers were on full speed, but I still couldn’t see clearly. The brake lights in front of me were the only source of light that directed me down the street.

The LONA Gallery…beyond pictures on the wall

The LONA Gallery… beyond pictures on the wall
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Once upon a time there were two sisters, siblings among seven who grew up in Atlanta. The older one “taught” the younger one everything she learned in school each day and they grew up very close.

Cookies and Cocoa with Santa

Cookies & Cocoa with Santa
Santa Claus makes a stop in Duluth

Duluth, – It will be a jolly ol’ time for families and friends as Santa makes his final stop in Downtown Duluth for “Cookies and Cocoa with Santa.”

Quaker State announces winners of the “Best in Class Challenge”

Quaker State announces winners of the “Best in Class Challenge”

Maxwell High School of Technology in Atlanta, GA Named the Grand Prize Winner in National High School Auto Shop Competition

HOUSTON, TX, – After six weeks of intense competition, Quaker State® is proud to announce the top three schools from the “Best in Class Challenge,” a custom, hands-on automotive education program for high school auto shops from across the United States.

Carole Townsend

Size matters, at least where trees are concerned

(Not So) Common Sense
Size matters, at least where trees are concerned
By Carole Townsend

Before we get started, I trust that everyone’s Thanksgiving was glorious. I trust that all of the “leftover” options have been exhausted: turkey tetrazzini, turkey potpie, turkey soup, turkey stir fry (yes, I did), all of them.