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August 21, 2018

The Focal Point

When it comes to window treatments, they should be a focal point in any room. If you don’t want bare or uninteresting, add a layer over your blinds, shades, or shutters. Layering can be done in a variety of ways.

The 4 Back-To-School Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

Phew! It’s August, finally. The sweet spot of the year where the fun of summer starts winding down and anticipation for fall starts to build. However, if you’re a parent, August means something else entirely. It marks the beginning of the back-to-school rush.

Carol Wood

Keys to Becoming a Confident Learner

It is not unusual for students at times to feel unsure about their academic abilities, especially if they have a sibling or friends who earn higher grades than they do or if they have any type of learning challenge. So, to better equip students to become more confident about their ability to learn, the following are a few helpful suggestions.

Chrissy Thomas, RN, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Anti-Aging Specialist

Our best tool for Rejuvenation? YOU

I have seen a lot of changes in the field of anti-aging in my 22 years of working on the inside. The beginning of my career was focused on surgical facelifts and complete skin ablation with lasers. While these are still popular services among some consumers, a majority of those seeking treatments to keep them looking youthful are looking for options that provide more natural results with little to no downtime.

A historic photo of Gwinnett’s segregation era Hooper-Renwick High School located in the City of Lawrenceville. The school operated from 1871 to 1968 as the only Gwinnett County public school for African-Americans. Gwinnett County schools were desegragated in 1968.

Preserving the Hooper-Renwick Legacy

In 1944, Renwick High was built on three acres of land donated by Mr. Renwick. Students attended grades 8—11 at the school. It was the first public African American high school in Gwinnett County.