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April 13, 2019

At Fond Memories, Rita Andrade offers a plethora of antiques to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Fond Memories

A treasure trove for the die-hard curio collector

Walls of hand-painted ceramic plates. Unique lamps, figurines, tapestries, vintage jewelry —you name it. Fond Memories has it all — gadgets and gizmos of plenty, packed like sardines in a quaint antique shop.

Life Insurance Is Necessary for the Stay-At-Home Spouse Too

There is a serious misconception about not buying life insurance for a stay-at-home spouse that is all too common. Many people feel that because a spouse doesn’t work outside the home, life insurance is not necessary because there’s no salary to replace. 

Joan Miller

Too much light

By definition, light is something that makes vision possible. Light can affect your mood and enhance your surroundings; but what can you do in a room where there is too much light?

Roger Green, MSFS,CFP®

Your Green: Protecting those we love

In recent months we’ve been focusing on intergenerational planning and estate planning. Life insurance can be an important part of such planning and can play a critical role in a successful financial strategy. It protects from financial loss in the untimely death of an income earner, caretaker, or even a business owner or key employee.

James Miskell, Attorney at Law

Should a Trust be part of your planning?

When it comes to estate planning, the most familiar document is the last will and testament. Most people have a basic understanding that a will allows you to appoint a personal representative (an executor) upon your death and directs that person to distribute your assets as you specify. Put another way, a will says who gets your stuff when you die—but until you die, it does nothing.

Katie Hart Smith


What defines you? The labels in the clothes you wear? The kind of car you drive? Do you tend to slide down the slippery slope of materialism and let stuff define your worth? Or, do you prefer to take a more practical and realistic approach to see stuff for what it is?

Dr. Vonda Ware, OB/GYN at Gwinnett Gynecology and Maternity

Knowledge is Power: Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening in Pregnancy

Having a baby can be the most joyous time in a mother’s pregnancy. It may also bring great concern due to risk factors such as age or other concerns determined by a physician. With state-of-the-art genetic testing, there is a low-risk way to learn about the health of a fetus and the risk of certain birth defects.