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“Battle of Five Forks”

The Hatfields and McCoys. Georgia-Florida.  Falcons-Saints.  Among some of the most famed rivalries our area has ever known, lies Parkview vs. Brookwood. Dating back to well before the date on the birth certificates held by the teenagers who will be taking the field on October 21, the “Battle of Five Forks” is a well-established staple of the rich tradition of Georgia football. 

“Battle of Five Forks”

In the early and mid-90’s, Eric Godfree and Philip Jones found themselves in the trenches, battling their cross-town rival for bragging rights.  Now serving as head coaches for their respective alma maters, they are helping welcome in a new facet to this healthy rivalry.  For the first time, both schools are uniting for a cause.

NG3 is hosting the First Annual NG3 Brookwood-Parkview Pajama Run, which will take place under the lights at the Parkview High School football stadium at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 16. Runners will pay an entry fee of only $10 to participate in the one-mile fun run that will begin and end at the stadium. Families, runners and students of all ages and abilities are invited to participate.  There will be music, food and fun for runners and non-runners alike. 

There is already excitement in both communities in anticipation of this first-time event. For Parkview supporter William Ney, the Pajama Run “will be awesome as we come together to lead by example, showing kids our commitment to character, community and the next generation.” Jackie Meadows is a math teacher at Brookwood High School and Bronco alum. When asked her view on this new addition to an old rivalry, she replied, “It is so awesome to see the rivalry continue, but also see the two schools coming together to raise money to benefit NG3.  Our kids need NG3, and we need the financial support to continue doing God’s work.”  She followed that statement up fairly quickly with a “Go Broncos!”

Whether your closet is filled with maroon and gold or orange and blue, make plans to pull out your best, family-friendly pajamas in support of, not only your team, but also NG3. To play off the rivalry between the schools, there will be a trophy presented to the school with the most participants.  There is only one way you can ensure your school can proudly display the “Five Forks” trophy, by signing up today! You can register to participate prior to the event by visiting and, with the first 400 registrants receiving a free T-shirt! Don’t miss out on participating in one of Gwinnett County’s best rivalries!

Together….we can Be the difference!

Interested in finding out more about what NG3 is doing to make a difference in the Next Generation or how you can help? Go to NG3 is a non-profit 501(c)3 independently funded by donors like you!!

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NG3 stands for Next Generation: Character  Community  Change.  Their goal is to develop men and women of character to create a positive change in our communities.  NG3 works directly with student athletes in high schools, teaching and practicing the importance of strong core values like responsibility, humility, integrity and honesty. The staff of NG3 works along side the coaches providing a constant presence of reliability and service.