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Parkview High School

Eleni Jordan and son, Parker Jordan.


I usually try to make these columns a little humorous. After all, our lives have enough bad stuff, why not laugh as much as you can.

“Battle of Five Forks”

“Battle of Five Forks”

The Hatfields and McCoys. Georgia-Florida.  Falcons-Saints.  Among some of the most famed rivalries our area has ever known, lies Parkview vs. Brookwood. Dating back to well before the date on the birth certificates held by the teenagers who will be taking the field on October 21, the “Battle of Five Forks” is a well-established staple of the rich tradition of Georgia football. 

NG3 Staff

Achieving goals with three C’s

Finally, the day for which everyone has been preparing has arrived.  All the weights lifted, the gassers run, and sweat drenched t-shirts have led to this moment.  The stadium seats are filled with screaming fans as the beat from the drum section of the band pounds through the air.

GCPS home to 27 Georgia Scholars

GCPS home to 27 Georgia Scholars

A total of 151 graduating seniors from schools across Georgia have been recognized as 2016 Georgia Scholars, the Georgia Dept. of Education announced.