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Beauty in our Society

If you take a look around our society today it wouldn't be a shocker to find young girls and teenagers looking twice their age. This concerning fact considered a norm. If you look at this issue from a different point of view a major question that one might ask is: Why? Why do young girls feel the need to dress in more than inappropriate clothing and cake their face in makeup?

The answer is simple. Starting from an age where young girls can’t even define beauty, they are influenced by the stunning models on social media, magazines, and ads on tv that tell us how to look or act a certain way. They represent what a “beautiful”girl is in our society. So as young girls it makes sense to want to look and be like them. These young girls and teenagers try to mimic what they see and do their hair a specific way, or teach themselves how to contour, and even maybe dress in something they may not be comfortable in. All for the sake of being pretty in our society eyes.

It’s bad enough that our society chooses for the young girls from the start on how they should look, but unfortunately society’s standard of beauty is messed up. Young girls deal with the harsh decision of wearing makeup or not. Those who decide to wear makeup get bashed, as well as those who don’t. Young girls and teens who decided to wear makeup get called out for being fake or extra. Those who decide to go against wearing makeup are prudes and are told to put on makeup.

Why everyone is obsessed with a certain type of beauty we’ll never know. Young girls and teenagers shouldn’t be raised to believe that the only way to feel beautiful is through make up. Those who wear makeup that makes them feel better about themselves they shouldn’t be shamed. Those that don’t shouldn’t be embarrassed to show they’re clean and natural face. Everyone should do what makes them happy. If everybody does that we can make a special type of beauty made for all.