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The Exploring/Venturing Program

Grace Dougherty

Teens today keeping connected

Teens these days come from different backgrounds and have different morals and things important to them but what exactly do teens value most now? For some, it could be friends or family, but an obvious answer for most is the phone.

Faith Montgomery

The biggest mistake of my parents’ generation

The biggest mistake of my parents’ generation was creating the smartphone.  Sure, it was only a small group of individuals that went into the actual creation of the product, but the rest of their generation were the ones craving it.  They were the ones who created the internet, who were constantly testing its limits, seeing just how far it could go. But, once the smartphone was produced, that’s when it went too far.

Sydney Jones

When the clock ticks midnight

People all over America make resolutions when the clock ticks midnight, making it a new year. They want to see a change in their lives. This year I want to see something change in our community. In 2018 I want more rescue animals finding a home and shown love.

Sweet Sixteen

During your teenage years, throwing a “sweet sixteen” party is one of the most anticipated events you will experience.

Life Lessons

All my life, I have been a swimmer. I have participated on a recreational, competitive, and an elite level, but, recently, the tables turned. I became the one directing and carrying out practices. I became the face kids looked forward to seeing every day.

Serial Killers

People see when a serial killer is on the loose, they jump immediately to disgust and saying that this person is crazy and how they must have had a bad childhood. The truth is no one knows why the killers do this until they’re caught. Even then its sometimes a mystery as to how a person could be able to kill so many other people.

Piecing Families Back Together

Far too often, headlines are showing stories about children who live in homes that are too broken for them to be considered safe, and are consequentially removed from their house and their families. In March of 2017, a total of 604 children under the age of eighteen were living in foster homes in Gwinnett County alone. The conditions that lead children to be placed into the foster care system are unsafe, neglectful, and in some cases, abusive.

The Society of Humane Friends of Georgia

The Society of Humane Friends of Georgia is an animal rescue group located in Lawrenceville which works to save cats and dogs from the streets and euthanizing shelters.  Kay Young, a member of the society, describes the group as: “A 501 C3 group of loving volunteers headed by Dennis Kronenfeld and Chandler Riddett dedicated to helping abandoned and abused animals in the state of Georgia.”  

Music is the language of the universe

Music is the language of the universe. When I first picked up an instrument in a fifth grade fair, it was not my destined one. As I uncomfortably placed a violin under my chin, I recoiled from the feeling and put it down, disgusted.