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About Face Skin – Chrissy Thomas, RN, BSN

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

Are you beach ready?

Whether you are 26 or 62, you want to look your best when vacationing, particularly in the warmer months when we naturally show more skin. 

A cure for your double chin

The double chin can be a nemesis.  Clients of all ages, genders, and ethnicities have sought my assistance for years to help with this area, and there has been little to truly make a difference. 

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

Body FX – a real story

Kimberly has always been a breath of fresh air in our practice.  Since entering her new endeavor as a business owner of the Sparrow Hill Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in Monroe, she is incredibly busy.  When she consulted with us about Body FX and learned that the series would require eight visits for treatments, she didn’t hesitate to say that she was anxious to get started.

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

The Corner Corrector Special

The mouth area can be one of the first places that we notice facial aging.  From the angry or sad downturn of the mouth to the accumulation of saliva in this area, many men and women seek help from About Face Skin Care for correction. 

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

A plan for the most youthful you

Antiaging is everywhere.  Turn on the television, open a magazine or drive down the highway, and you will be bombarded with ads touting the best product or treatment to turn back the clock. 

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

The second prettiest woman in the room

About Face Skin Care has a long-standing reputation in the wedding business, but it may not be what you think.  Sure, we love to pamper brides and wedding parties and make sure each bride, groom and wedding party member is glowing for the big day. 

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

Dealing with your “problem area”

Do you have a “problem area” that you have been struggling with for your entire adult life?  No matter how “skinny” you get, this problem area is always present and the thought of liposuction is just not for you?  About Face Skin Care has the answer!