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Michelle Lombardo and Karen McNamara and Puppets

OrganWise guys

Every now and then, you run across somebody who loves what they do for a living. They’re passionate about it, and that passion is evident in their speech, their expressions and even in their workplace.

John Lange on Grayson Parkway with the buildings that will be renovated on the corner of Grayson Parkway and Grayson Hwy (Highway 20)

The RailYard

Grayson Parkway development moving ahead

The area of Grayson Highway (20) at Grayson Parkway (84), one of the main entrees into Grayson, has long been characterized by being the home of the old Post Office, and an unremarkable road that leads past city hall to the city park. 

Chris Doster, owner and operator of Spooled Out Guide Service

Gwinnett County native able to combine career with love of fishing

There are few better stories among the annals of sports than locking horns with “The Biggun.” The Biggun, in this case, is usually the one that got away. Among fishermen, the one that got away is always a little bigger, a little craftier, and a little meaner than the ones you reeled in.