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Cheryl’s Adventure – Mama’s “Maine” adventure

After returning to work in February I had just one simple goal in mind – survive until summer! Having endured ten months of chemo and other various treatments, four months of actually working was clearly an obtainable goal.  And sure enough, in a quick blink of an eye – school was out for summer!  It was time to find another adventure! 

Cheryl Copeland

It took less than a week before opportunity came knocking on my door.  I received a call from Shanti, a dear friend and colleague.  Her mother’s battle with breast cancer worsened as it had metastasized to her bones.  After much thought and deliberation, it was decided that she would not receive any further chemo treatments.  Mama, as I call her, had made it quite clear that she was ready for an adventure of her own – she wanted to eat lobster in Maine!  

Shanti wholeheartedly committed to making her mother’s request a reality.  With just one Google Maps search we concluded that the drive would take more than 22 hours each way – bathroom breaks not included!  Shanti would need a co-pilot – and I knew just the right person for the job!  I quickly, and happily (and possibly quite obnoxiously) volunteered myself to fill the position!  Thankfully, they both agreed to grant me the honor of joining their journey!  


We began our trip with a prayer asking for God to guide and protect us during our travels, especially since the majority of the trip would be completely spontaneous.  We knew Mama’s navigational choices would depend on her daily condition.  I remember laughing as I included at the end of the prayer, “And may we simply laugh at whatever comes our way…no stress and no worries!”

For seven days we drove more than 60 hours, covered approximately 2,500 miles, and traveled through 15 states!  When the weather was forecasted to be rainy, the sun came shining down through bright blue skies. Mama became stronger each and every day!  God even provided us with our very own Travel Fairy, Ms. Mia, who made endless phone calls to find us amazing deals and reservations. Mama’s Maine goal was to eat lobster, and He provided her three lobsters for $24.99!  We asked for Him to be with us… Ask, and you shall receive! 

Mama’s trip to Maine was everything you would expect… Absolutely Priceless! Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away!  And if you ever get the chance to laugh as uncontrollably and intensely as we did, there is no doubt that your breath will be taken away! 

We love you Mama!

Cheryl Copeland is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about life’s lessons and her personal adventure with breast cancer.