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Rev. Robert Thompson

The Great American Eclipse of 2017

“The Great American Eclipse of 2017” made its way across the nation. What does it mean? Scripture tells us that God made two great lights and the stars on the fourth day. They were created for signs and seasons for days, years and to give light upon the earth. (cf. Genesis 1:14-19)

Jonathan Howes

Never Worry About These 5 Things

In Romans 8:31-39 the Apostle Paul instructs Christians that God is for us, and he wants what is best for our lives.  Through 5 rhetorical questions, the Apostle Paul reminds us of the incredible benefits of being on God’s team.

Rev. Robert Thompson

Summer’s Here!

June brings us the Summer Season. We have come to welcome this time of year as an opportunity to “kick back”, slow down, go on vacation.

Jonathan Howes

One Day in Heaven

A few years ago some friends invited our family to go to Six Flags with them for the day. They had VIP passes, and said that all of our expenses would be covered. So, our family piled into our swagger wagon (a.k.a. minivan), and we followed their family to Six Flags.

Jason Campbell


When you work with athletes, there will be times when someone needs a helping hand to get back up, or a shoulder to cry on when they’ve fallen short. One of the best aspects of being on a team is having someone to turn to and trust when times are tough.

By Jonathan Howes, Lead Pastor, Graystone Church

Humble beginnings

In October of 2004 Graystone Church began in a rented warehouse space on Grayson Industrial Parkway.  On that first Sunday, approximately 160 people were in attendance, and Grayson High School Head Football Coach Mickey Conn shared his testimony. 

Debbie Huckaby, M-Div, MBA, RN

Beyond traditional walls: GMC’s Faith Community Nursing

Begun in 1994, Gwinnett Medical Center’s Faith Community Nursing department works to enhance wellness for the people of Gwinnett County and beyond. Generally, Faith Community nurses work within specific congregations, but a few work in nontraditional settings. Here are two: 

Warren and Keisha Cameron

Simply faith, love, and family

(Grayson, Ga) “We’ve been through some challenges and our faith’s been tested but we’re together and we’re stronger than ever,” begins Keisha Cameron as she smiles across the room at her husband, Warren.

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Mama’s “Maine” adventure

After returning to work in February I had just one simple goal in mind – survive until summer! Having endured ten months of chemo and other various treatments, four months of actually working was clearly an obtainable goal.  And sure enough, in a quick blink of an eye – school was out for summer!  It was time to find another adventure!