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Choices to You

Everyday, all over town, the question, “What would you like for dinner?” is asked by thousands of people.

Tom and Laura Vooris, owners of Choices to You, at the Jazzy Cajun thing in May were presenting sponsors and support many local organizations to beneift those in need.

The answer can be as varied as the items in the refrigerator or the menu of a favorite restaurant. And if you happen to be home, and the offerings from the fridge are not thrilling your palate, then give Tom Vooris a call, he delivers straight from the kitchens of your favorite local eateries! 

With tremendous experience in the food delivery business, Tom and his crew have created Choices to You. Locally owned and operated, Choices to You is maintained and controlled at the very center of the local restaurants and the customers who enjoy them. Recently, Tom has retired his affiliation with GoWaiter in lieu of the new, vastly improved and closely-held Choices to You. With the name change, Tom will be able to expand into areas that his customers have been asking for. 
Choices To You

“This change allows my business to be open to expanding to the market’s needs and responding to our customers wants,” says Tom. “Our corporate policies are set to please our customer base and remain the supportive local business partner for the community that we have always been.” Supporting the community is among the benefits of having your own company. “We are a corporate sponsor for the Gwinnett Braves and that, in turn, allows us to make a difference in our community.” Tom has a special soft spot for children’s charities, especially cancer patients for whom a visit from Chopper, the G-Braves mascot, makes a huge difference. Tom likes being able to help make those magical moments happen.

With a long-standing relationship in the community, a steady customer base and happy employees, Choices to You is moving forward under their new brand with plenty of energy. The service idea is simple. “Everybody has to eat,” says Tom. “Why shouldn’t they have the convenience of eating their favorite things at home?” 

Partnering with local restaurants, Tom’s staff strives to bring delicious food to your doorstep conveniently. This isn’t to say that the service is traditional “fast food”; it is delivery of quality choices to the home that takes just a little planning. “We are not after a ‘get it now’ crowd,” says Tom. “What we offer is an opportunity to get comfortable, choose a movie, gather the family or have a private dinner with the best that our area restaurants have to offer.” Most orders can be delivered within the hour, but for specialties, go ahead and make a plan for Friday night by ordering Thursday. It will save time, you will have a delicious hot meal ready for you in your own home, at a local concert, at local kids sports parks (please place order at least 2 hours prior to event), or poolside without the crowds or waiting at a restaurant. “The possibilities are endless,” says Tom. “My staff and I are always thinking outside the delivery box for opportunities to make our customers lives more enjoyable. Food is a huge part of that.” 

Outside the box thinking brought them to an agreement with the local favorite meat market, Wilkes. “We can deliver frozen meat packages to our customers and are looking at offering more along the lines of that idea,” says Tom. 

“By owning the company, we are able to expand on our new name, new look and new attitude.” That kind of thinking is prevalent at each corporate meeting. Along with his wife and business partner, Laura, Tom feels that the sky truly is the limit with a good food delivery concept. His good humor, funny impressions and extremely hard work ethic all play a part in the new branding and expansion of a tried-and-true idea. Bring good food to people and give back to your community are two items high on the agenda of each day for Tom and the folks at Choices to You. 

For more information and to order up a delicious local restaurant meal to enjoy just about anywhere you please, without the wait or the crowds… check out or call 678-765-8989.