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Craig Sager Tournament

Craig Sager was an extremely talented sports reporter that was known for his ostentatious suits. On December 15, 2016 Sager, age 65, passed away due to his acute myeloid leukemia. Although the entire sports community was grieving from the beloved Sager’s death, his legacy would not be forgotten.

Craig Sager’s daughter Kacy says,” I’m excited to do something fun and remind people his legacy was more than his fight against cancer. It was about enjoying sports and having a good time with them.” In honor of the late Craig Sager Dacula High School decided to host a tournament in his name. This would be the largest co-ed tournament that Atlanta has ever seen, bringing in teams from not only all over Georgia, but over the country. Craig Sager’s eldest son, Craig Sager Jr., described what this tournament meant to him,” To me we obviously grew up in sports our entire lives. Dad used to take us to any game that was in town no matter what. We never really stayed home and did what most families did, we were always on the run. For me being someone that’s seen not only Atlanta’s professional teams, but the big events we host all the time, college football, college basketball, I just think that people need to realize that Atlanta is home to the best high school athletics in the entire country and all our sports are solid. Being able to have this big basketball tournament in his name in Gwinnett county where there’s already great community support and so many great schools and coaches.”

Growing up in the Sager house was not easy. Yet Craig Sager Jr. explains his Dad’s work and love for athletics,” I just think that being in this gym I can sort of just see everything that we used to appreciate together as a family. My dad was a lifelong fan of sports, he was a cheerleader in college,a mascot in college, he played basketball, he played football and so I just think that it embodies his love and passion for sports.” Craig Sager will never be forgotten and always be loved. He taught our community to appreciate athletics. The Craig Sager Tournament shows just a glimpse of the light that he brought into our lives.

Sydney Jones is a Gwinnett County High School Student who is a part of our Journalism Exploring Program through the Boy Scouts of America.