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Defining a fresh image

A gentle spirit, a caring attitude and the capacity to support women’s healthy choices describe Snellville’s A Defined Image owner, Barbara McClure. “Our skin shows how we feel inside,” says Barbara. “We need to make healthy choices for our bodies and minds.” Keeping our skin healthy is just one part of our image. A healthy smile and fresh, well cared-for skin is what most people see first.

Barbara McClure welcomes her clients with a promise of confidentiality.

A healthy look is what Barbara helps her clients define for themselves, in the most discreet manner possible. 

Barbara L. McClure is a Registered Nurse and the founder/CEO of A Defined Image. Her role as an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist encompasses over 28 years of extensive experience. She has a lifetime love for the study of Nutrition, Skincare, Wellness and Anti-aging. “We deserve to look as good as we feel,” says Barbara. “I get a great deal of satisfaction when helping women of all ages solve self-image issues.” Some of the issues for which Barbara offers solutions can include very sensitive topics. Excess facial or body hair, scars, and acne can have an effect on self-image for a variety of clients. “Anyone, from teens to women in their 80’s and older come to me for aesthetic options,” says Barbara. “One of my clients, who is eighty-something, but appears much younger because she has taken good care of her health, remains very active, and continues to care for her skin.” 

With summer coming to an end, many women may be finding that the sun has had a negative effect on skin-tone, dark spots, and fine lines. “Now is the time to begin planning for the holiday season and winter skin care,” says Barbara. She explains that skin care takes time and a treatment plan that may span several months. “You can’t wait until the week of an event and think that erasing the signs of summer will be achieved in one treatment.” A good skin care regimen along with microdermabrasion or facial peels will reveal a healthy new look. Mild to moderate skin laxity, skin tone and dark spots can be corrected under Barbara’s skilled hand with the laser. 

Barbara offers a wide range of med spa services. Removal of unwanted hair and spider veins, line-erasing injectables, permanent cosmetics, and other surface blemish repair are a part of the services offered at Defined Image. “I really believe in a whole-health mentality,” says Barbara. “I stress nutrition as a way of taking care of your entire body that will enhance the treatments I do.” Barbara encourages anyone to educate themselves about any treatments they may be considering. Choosing a provider with compassion and experience will help bring about the desired outward changes. 

Discretion is important to the clients of A Defined Image. “Women don’t always want anyone to know that they have had any sort of aesthetic treatments,” says Barbara. “Our staff makes certain that appointments and records are kept in the strictest confidence.” 

Despite the absolute rules about confidence, Barbara has one fan in Snellville who was determined to share her story with the press. Kelly Farris, owner of Ladies Workout, feels very strongly about Barbara and her work. “Barbara is an artist,” says Kelly. “She has years of experience and is a professional with an artist’s touch.” Kelly shares Barbara’s passion for a whole-health regimen that includes eating right and exercise. 

Taking care of the damages that summer may have brought to the skin begins with good health. At A Defined Image, changes to the outward appearance can be made with skill and artistry. As we head into a fresh new season of social events and pre-holiday activities, clients can talk with Barbara about a plan to look amazing while knowing that patient privacy is held in the highest regard. For a full listing of services check out 


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Barbara McClure performing laser treatment on a client.