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Does YOUR bank really know you?

Relationships are everything in our lives: From our families, to our friends, to the people who care for our children or repair our car.  We know them, and over time we build trust and rapport with them. 

Bill Walker

We take the time to develop those relationships, because they are important to us.

Why would our banking relationship be any different?  As safe keepers of our money and in many ways, our financial future, shouldn’t having a strong relationship with our bank be a priority relationship as well?

Are you called by name when you go in to your current bank?  Do the employees stop to say hello or shake your hand when they see you around town?  If you had a problem or a financial need, do you know who you could call, and more importantly, are you confident the issue would be addressed accurately and timely?

Legacy State Bank, located in Loganville, GA, is a community bank that really takes the word “relationship” to heart.  It is a locally owned and operated bank where owners, shareholders, and customers alike are vested in the community in which they live. As an account holder, not only do you have access to great banking products and services, but you will experience the true benefits of relationship banking.  

From the Chairman of the Board, to the tellers, to the loan officers, EVERY member of the Legacy State Bank team is committed to excellent service, and to you!  And it only makes sense; the majority of the bank’s employees and almost 500 shareholders are from, and live in, this community!  They work, play, shop and eat in the Loganville/ Grayson/ Snellville area, and are vested in the success and development of businesses and individuals here.

When deciding who to trust with your financial future, investigate the opportunity to do your banking at a locally owned and operated bank, one with longevity in the marketplace, a proven track record of success and customer service, and where employees go out of their way to get to know you- the person.

For more information about how Legacy State Bank can help you develop YOUR financial legacy, call 770.554.BANK, go to, or drop by the Loganville office at 3825 Harrison Rd. today!