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Former Snellville adult day franchise rebrands as McKinley Community Care Center

After completing a ten-year franchise agreement, owner Aysha Cooper is rebranding her adult day business as “McKinley Community Care”. The relaunched center will maintain the same location and staff while adding a more personalized touch.

Gwinnett Citizen News

“It’s the same ownership with a new name, and we have maintained the same location and staff that our community has grown to love,” Cooper said of her community center that follows an adult day model.

With her own independent center, Cooper will bring her passion for family and community to the forefront of the business. When Cooper started out in 2009, she registered its corporate name as “McKinley Alliance Group”, after her son, Drew McKinley, and dedicated the center to the memory of her late grandparents who suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years.

“I want to do away with the term ‘adult day’, because the people who participate in our program are gems! They have a wealth of wisdom — they are leaders, and they only need the proper assistance to stay connected and live as independently as possible while enjoying their later years,” Cooper said.

Expanding the business to follow her personal values, Cooper plans to extend resources to senior citizens living in Gwinnett as well as to their caretaker and families. McKinley Community Care provides daily programs such as music, pet and plant therapies and group activities where the senior participants have the chance to lead. Caretakers and loved ones are welcome to visit as often as they like for special events and family-oriented activities.

“It is my goal to continue to be an asset to the community, to enhance care, establish a better presence and develop other relationships and partnerships for the collaboration of care here in Snellville,” Cooper said.

McKinley Community Care follows a medical daily care model to provide assistance with daily living skills and activity programs that bring peace of mind to the entire family. The center is part of the Music and Memory Program and the National Adult Day Association and aims to provide exceptional, heartfelt care to every senior participating in their programs.