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SarahCare Snellville

Tato Gayflorsee

Seniors at Snellville’s SarahCare will now receive love under New Management

Beginning this summer, participants at Snellville’s SarahCare, adult day care center will be experiencing activities under new leadership. This new leadership will continue to provide the same loving care the participants are accustomed to, but it will be offered by current employees who have been promoted to new positions within the organization.

Aysha Cooper

What does your senior care look like?

Aysha CooperWhat does your senior care look like?  
By Aysha Cooper
SarahCare Snellville

Do you know how you would want your care to look like/feel like if you needed it? We plan to hear from some individuals in our community on this matter during focus group sessions scheduled in April and May called CareConnect.

Aysha Cooper, Owner, SarahCare Snellville

Sarah Care… adult senior day program with true personal touch

Aysha Cooper is no ordinary business owner. For that matter, she is no ordinary mom, student or volunteer either. First and foremost, she is the best mom she knows how to be to her “almost 7” year old son. One of the most important parts of being the best mom she knows how to be is in setting a good example as a whole and well-rounded person.