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Georgia Power Issues Scam Alert

There have been several recent incidents where customers have been approached by people pretending to be from Georgia Power.

What makes this case a little different is that the targets are not just residential customers, but includes local businesses. The customers are called and told they have a short deadline to make a payment. The scammer is asking them to go to a local retailer (like a Wal-Mart, CVS or Walgreens) to purchase a money pack for the given amount. They are then instructed to call another number to share the account number on that prepaid card.

Don’t be fooled by getting scammed. If you are in doubt, remember these simple tips about Georgia Power.

• We will NEVER come to your door and demand an immediate payment
• We will NEVER call and ask you for your bank information or a credit card number.
• If a Georgia Power employee has a service-related reason to come to your door, they will ALWAYS be wearing a Georgia Power employee ID badge. Other than a scheduled Energy Audit, there should be no reason any employee needs to enter your home.
• If you suspect someone at your door is impersonating a Georgia Power or government employee, DO NOT let them into your home! Immediately call your local police department and then call us at 1.888.660.5890.
• Scammers may claim to work for a public agency or government office offering ways to pay your Georgia Power bill. NEVER give anyone your credit card information or any Georgia power account information including a copy of your electric bill or account number, or any other personal banking information. Immediately call your local police department and then call us at 1.888.660.5890.
• If a situation seems legitimate but you’re not quite sure, please call Georgia Power at 1.888.660.5890 to verify.

If you ever have any questions about a possible scam or your Georgia Power account, call us any time of day or night at 1.888.660.5890.

(Published April 2017)