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Grayson BOOST awards grants to small businesses

Grayson –  Throughout the spring and summer, Main Street Grayson representatives put together a board of community investors that included individuals and citizens, business owners, and civic organizations.

Lalit Patel and staff with Grayson’s Mayor Allison Wilkerson, City Administrator Laura Cone, and Community Development Director Gail Lane.

StrideToStrive11190Business owners licensed in the City of Grayson were encouraged to apply for grants of up to $1,000 to give them the boost they might need to set themselves apart from their competitors or take their business to the next level of success. 

Left: Stride-To-Strive Childcare Staff accepting check.

In late July, Grayson’s BOOST Investors met to review applications and make grant determinations. Two local entrepreneurs were awarded their grant requests in full in August: Lalit Patel with Subway-Grayson and Gloria Ross-Lacey with Stride-To-Strive Childcare. 

Subway-Grayson was awarded $1,000 for equipment updates, allowing the popular lunch and dinner destination to better serve its customers.

Stride-To-Strive Childcare was awarded $811.47 for interactive floor carpets which will further academic enrichment and encourage creativity among its students during center activities.

“Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of Grayson’s economy,” said Grayson’s Mayor Allison Wilkerson.  “This type of grass roots fundraising strengthens us as a community while assisting small businesses in their endeavors.”

Grayson BOOST program administrators are seeking additional investors to fund initiatives for a second round of grants to be awarded in December, 2016.   

If you would like information on how to become an investor or how the program works, please contact Gail Lane at

Right: Children at Stride-To-StriveStrideToStrive2190

Main Street Grayson’s mission is to connect our community through growth, opportunities, and the preservation of businesses, families, and individuals.