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Grayson High School receives large grant for community farm

The Food Well Alliance has awarded Grayson High School a $25,000 grant to support the Grayson High School Community Farm and Garden project. The farm and garden helps students learn and hone the skills needed to run an urban garden that provides nutritionally dense food for families that don’t have access to local and sustainably grown healthy foods.

Cassy Moon, an assistant principal at Grayson High and the teacher spearheading the project, says the grant will make a big impact. “We are beyond excited for the opportunity to teach our students new skills and donate that bounty to our students and their families,” Moon said. “We can continue to provide fresh, free food to local families and the local food Co-Op. We are so grateful to Food Well for the support. It is an opportunity that few schools get.”

The Food Well Alliance’s annual Local Food Grant supports a group of farmers, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators who have demonstrated through collaborative projects why locally grown food is the most sustainable and equitable choice for ensuring healthy food access in Metro Atlanta. Grayson High is one of only 13 organizations selected by the Food Well Alliance to receive the award.

“The Food Well Alliance Local Food Grant support means we can serve our population, teach our students, and create a legacy of growing and sharing healthy food in the Grayson community,” Moon said. “We plan to live up to the ideals of the Food Well Alliance of locally grown sustainable food.”

Since 2015, Food Well Alliance has invested more than $2 million in 100 organizations that are making systemic impacts across economic development, health and nutrition, community vitality and environmental stewardship. To learn more about the Local Food Grant visit