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Hail Mary’s has a great run

Following nine years of operation - several partner changes and absolutely the most incredible journey in the world - we have decided to sell the Pub business and call it a great run! 

Blake,  thank you for all you have done  for the Grayson community.

The customers and people we’ve met, became friends and family with is the most incredible experience. We are so grateful to you all, the folks who choose to patron us and to make the Hail Mary Pub the success it has been! We will forever be grateful to all of you and gratitude can not be expressed in words! 

We have had the pleasure of working side by side with a loving, and talented staff for 9 years, many of which have been here the entire time! This is a family business and we are a family! They all are loved and will be missed dearly. Our deepest respect to you – the team that makes this place work!

We forged relationships with our community schools, the City of Grayson and other organizations in which we are proud to have been a part of such an amazing and vibrant city and community.

The journey of starting a business, literally from scratch, along side our partners, friends and investors has been incredibly rewarding. Not only did we build the restaurant from floor to ceiling we were able to make it grow and succeed into a local gathering place for friends and families. That is a feat we are so very proud of.

To all our family of partners past and present, our investors and customers – thank you for this journey! 

Wednesday, August 3rd was our last day in operation. We hope to see you all either here or around Grayson! 

A very heartfelt farewell! 

                                ~ Blake Hawkins