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Rachel V. Shaw

Hello 2021, My Wish Is For the Return of the Mundane

We can all come to the conclusion that 2020 was a year of hardship. It felt similar to a fever dream, with droves of different events crashing into each other to create this horrible collage of political tensions, social injustice, and global disease.

Jim Miskell

Estate Planning: ask the right questions and don’t overlook the details

To begin planning your estate is to think through the intricacies of your life, to think about your values and your family.  But there is nitty-gritty you might be overlooking: the financial, the legal, and the shared understandings.  Make time to consider what you might be overlooking before planning in earnest. 

Alex Le

What do millennials do in their spare time?

Top of the mornin’ Gwinnett Citizen readers! 

Millennials are a generation that embrace technology, but the truth is millennials enjoy a vast array of activities that do not include scrolling through their phones for hours. 

Stephen, his dad and all seven of his children on the patio at Johnnys

Johnny’s Pizza at Sugarloaf – a family affair

Stephen Burge is a family man, and his “family” extends beyond his wife and seven children. The former chemistry and physics teacher bought the Johnny’s Pizza located on Sugarloaf Parkway in December 2015. He’s proud of the fact that his employees include some of his own children and a couple of former Archer high school students.

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

Gwinnett is filling the buildings again

Moving around — A Lot — to different states during the first part of our marriage was expected as Les built his career as a Hospital Administrator. When we moved back here (home) in 1995, we were ready for a hometown.