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Healthy, Happy Friends – September 2013

Healthy, Happy Friends - September 2013
By Joan Sewell

School seems to have started much earlier this year.  H2U parents and grandparents have seldom celebrated their ice cream social after school has started back. But we did this time.  As usual, it was great fun.

How many of you have received a receipt at a restaurant with a phone number to call and complete a survey?  They always say you might win something, maybe a free desert on your next trip. 

On one or two occasions, I have made that call but I never receive any prize. But Ruth Parke did.  She received a coupon for dinner for two at one of the associated Bearden restaurants.  Way to go, Ruth!  I suggest everyone make those calls and do the surveys.  You never know!

Robert Todd Allen called to ask me to announce the birth of his first great grandson and namesake, Robert Todd Allen II.  This is a big occasion since Robert has no grandchildren or great grandchildren named after him and he is “mighty proud of this boy.”

The Ed Smith family is making plans to take their children to National Storytelling Festival to be held in Jonesborough, Tennessee on October 4-6.  This is three days of performances by world class storytellers planned with stories appropriate to all ages from pre-school to seniors. There is still time to register for this event if it sounds interesting to you.  Just go on the internet and check it out.

It is not affiliated with H2U and you do not have to be a member to share this adventure with your family.

Seniors on the Go has two great trips planned for us. On Wednesday, September 18, a group will be headed to North Georgia hunting all those wonderful apples.  I make this trip and bring back apples for my whole family.  Then on Thursday October 24,  a riverboat trip on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga will feature songs, dance, river stories, and Halloween costumes. Better get your name in quick to go on these trips.  You do have to be a member of H2U for these.

Don’t forget the Alzheimer’s Garage Sale on September 7 from 8 to 4’  Start bringing your items in on the first of September to the South Campus (formerly called the Heritage Center).  All proceeds go to help Alzheimer victims.   Also if you have any used (but not abused) purses you would like to donate  bring them to the South Campus security desk. These will be cleaned up and sold at a later event to benefit indigent people who need health care.

We wish pleasant days and improving health to James Childress, Fenwick Hall, Kathryn Moss, and Beverly and Andy Reece. Happy Birthday greeting go to  Roselyn Turner, Roger Pajari, and Margaret Luker.