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Hey Y’all: A celebration of gratitude and thankfulness

Is it really time for Thanksgiving?

Hey Y'all:  A celebration of gratitude and thankfulness

Marlene Ratledge BuchananAt Thanksgiving dinner people will often sit around the table laden with great food. They will laugh, smile, and tell each other all the things for which they are thankful. They will declare their friendships, loyalties, and love for one another. What a wonderful time of the year. 

But wait. Why must we wait for a holiday to take a minute to list those things and people for whom we are thankful? 

It is so hard to get family together these days. Sharing love and thankfulness while you have everyone together is a wonderful thing. Maybe we should take a minute each day to remind ourselves for whom and for what we are thankful. It is just an affirmation of the positive side of our lives.

Busy? Oh yeah. Who isn’t? 

Find a minute to flash a face or an event through your mind. Just say, “Thanks.” 

Before falling asleep, let your mind wander to the good things of the day. It could be your cat being silly, a memory of a good friend, or a rainbow. 

What does it matter? It will end your day on a positive note, and your thankful thought will guide you into sleep. Isn’t it best to have positive thoughts? 

It is important for me to take a few minutes every night to be thankful for the day I had and for the people I love. Sitting around a table once a year to declare my appreciation is just not enough. We need to be thankful in our minds daily. And we need to smile. 

Life is hard, a smile and good thoughts can perform miracles.

A southern humorist, Marlene Buchanan is the 2020 Georgia Independent Author of the Year for Life is Hard, Soften It with Laughter and 2021 GIAYA for A Place with a Past. Marlene is available for speaking engagements. You may reach her through her website