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How much do window coverings cost?

I will answer that question with more questions. The pricing is approximate, per window.

Joan Miller

1) What is your expectation for durability and quality? You can buy a stock size vinyl mini-blind for about $15 or you can go with a value-priced 2” custom blind for about $65. The difference in performance and durability is commensurate with price. If you don’t want to replace your blinds or shades again, then consider the difference an investment.

2) What is your expectation for aesthetics? If the overall look is important, you may be thinking about more decorative treatments. Higher-end Roller Shades, Roman Shades, or an equivalent type treatment can start at $250 and go up to $750 or more, depending on size, material selection, and operating features. Automation adds about $250-$300.

3) What is your expectation for installation and service? If you want to do it yourself, consider measuring, ordering, and installing. Mistakes can cost more in the long run. If you prefer professional guidance, the additional cost is well worth the end result. Installation costs vary from dealer to dealer with applicable minimum charges. Expect somewhere from $12-$20 on a manually operated window treatment at floor level, more for over 10 feet high windows.

These are very basic costs provided to prepare you in your search for cost on blinds and shades. We are a full-service window treatment company, offering professional consultation, installation, and service after your investment. Call Joan at 404 918-5288 or visit our website: