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Is Your PreSchool/PreKindergarten Child Ready to Learn?

Pre-school and/or Kindergarten Readiness Assessments can provide helpful information for you to consider in making decisions about your young child’s school placement.

Carol Wood

Developmental stages mark the growth of all children, with each child growing up through sequential and predictable intervals of growth and development. However, children pass through these growth intervals at different times and at different rates.

Sometimes, parents do not consider a child’s individual development and maturity in deciding when to begin him or her in school. A child who is five years old is not automatically ready to being kindergarten because of his or her chronological age. Most children are developmentally ready to begin school when they are five; however, others are not. Because many kindergarten programs emphasize a more rigorous academic curriculum, successful achievement requires maturity in various developmental areas. Many educational professionals feel it best to not push children into learning situations before they are ready. Furthermore, doing so often results in little academic progress. In many instances, pushing a child to learn before developmentally ready can create a sense of failure in them. Typically, a child cannot achieve academically until he or she is ready to do so. Developmental maturity can-not be taught; but, is necessary for the learning process to take place.

Tests such as the Beery Visual Motor Integration (VMI), Peabody Picture Vocabulary (PPVT), and Kindergarten Readiness (KRT) can provide parents and educators with valuable information about a child’s school readiness. Furthermore, these tests can help them understand the developmental skills the child may need to master in order to have a more successful pre-school, pre-kindergarten or kindergarten school year. The developmental skills which are measured in these various assessments are considered stepping stones for success in school. The test items on the VMI, PPVT, and KRT are intended ONLY as a general screening of early visual motor skills, everyday vocabulary skills, and pre-academic skills, such as phonological and numerical awareness.

If you are interested in learning about your young child’s current readiness to learn and preparedness for the most appropriate upcoming school placement, explore options in your community to have readiness assessments administered. You are welcomed to contact me with any questions as I am happy to assist you in this important early school decision process.

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