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Total Learning Concepts

Carol Wood

What is Your EQ?

As a student, have you ever wonder what your IQ score is or wished it were higher?  Well, no matter the level of your Intelligence Quotient or IQ, when it comes to happiness and success in life, EQ or Emotional Intelligence is just as, if not more important, than IQ. Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at school, and achieve your career and personal goals.

Carol Wood

Concentration: An Important Component of Study

Concentration is the ability for someone to control attention.  It is critical for optimum learning to take place!  There are many causes of poor concentration; such as distracting noises, boredom, daydreaming, hunger, worry, dislike of a subject, television, computer, technology, social media, feeling overwhelmed with an assignment, lack of commitment, constant interruptions, lack of sleep, fatigue, and poor diet.

Carol Wood

You are Your Children’s Most Important Teacher!

When your children’s birthdays and other special occasions occur, it is often difficult to decide what to give them as presents which represent your love and affection and which have long term benefits. What gift can you give your children like this? One answer is to be their primary teacher because education begins with you!

Carol Wood

Educational Concepts | Who’s in Charge at Your House?

As a parent, are you sometimes afraid you will make your children angry with you if you discipline them and/or require responsible, respectful behaviors? Are you worried you may cause them emotional harm if you hold them to your expectations and require certain behaviors? Do any of your children refuse to do homework, study for tests, attend after-school tutorial sessions, and/or earn grades lower than his or her abilities? Have your children taken charge of your home?

Carol Wood, Total Learning Concepts

What is Credit Recovery?

A new buzz phrase in education today is “credit recovery”. And, no, it has nothing to do with finances and the recovery of money!