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Jon Langston, Hometown country singer

There are a million and one reasons to be “the talk of the town.”  The folks in and around Grayson are talking about Jon Langston, a real hometown celebrity. The reason?

Jon Langston, Hometown country singer

Jon has been on the country music fast track since his EP single “Forever Girl” hit iTunes and that is attracting a great deal of attention. ( 

Handsome, talented and full of energy, Langston’s enthusiasm for his career in country music cannot be deterred. “I never want to live with any ‘what-ifs’,” says Langston. “I would hate to think that ten years down the road, I had not tried my best.” Langston writes daily citing an eclectic list of artists who have inspired him over the years. Everyone from George Strait and the Allman Brothers to the rock group Stained, have made an impression in his songwriting.

Langston works hard to get his name “out there.” Currently, Langston is in the top six in voting for the 2013 Georgia Country Male Artist of the Year with his “Forever Girl” release. A link to the song can be found on the Gwinnett Citizen website. “I want to express my thanks to everyone for voting for my music,” says Langston. “It means everything to have this kind of support.” 

Writing every day has led to an exciting new EP. The new song, a duo effort with Loganville’s Jordan Rager whose talents were featured on The Voice, will be a celebration of summertime fun. “It’s called ‘Running on Sunshine’,” says Langston. “We wanted to write a feel-good, summertime song.” 

Rager is equally as excited about their upcoming release. “It is really cool to collaborate with someone from home,” says Rager. “We are both Southern boys who like to have a good time.” Good old-fashioned Southern fun includes anything on the water. “Lake, beach, river…it doesn’t matter,” says Rager. “We just like to have that summertime feel.” Langston and Rager describe their new song as a way to capture “that carefree, summertime feeling”. With a July release date and the continued support of their hometown communities, “Running on Sunshine” is certain to be the topic of discussion all over their respective hometowns. “

Jon Langston, a hometown boy pictured at Grayson Community ParkJon Langston, a hometown boy pictured at Grayson Community Park“Where you come from is really important,” says Jon. “I know that my community played a big part in who I have become-you never forget these people.”  Jon played football for Grayson and attends Gardner-Webb University where he continued to play until a final concussion convinced him that it was time to hang up his cleats. With the support of his family, Jon began to follow a different path that still included completing his degree in Sociology. “God doesn’t close a door without opening another,” says Jon with great conviction. “The door to writing and performing opened and that was very cool.” 

When you come from a small town, sometimes your small town grows right before your eyes, but it is still the place you call home. “I remember all the people from around here who put forth so much effort to build our football program from the ground up,” says Jon. “Everyone out here was focused on how we wanted Grayson to be.”  The town turned out to be a great place to grow up. For country music rising star, Jon Langston, Grayson is his hometown and the people, support, and memories keep the singer-songwriter grounded.

The evidence of Jon being a real part of his hometown was clear when he entered Parkside Bakery where our interview took a back seat to all the well-wishing and welcome-home hugs. Even the Wednesday afternoon Grayson Farmer’s Market was buzzing a bit with talk of a country music singer. “We are delighted to have this kind of talent here,” says Mayor Jim Hinkle. “We are behind him 100% and wish him well with the new song.” The mayor’s sentiments were echoed by several of Grayson’s citizens who were gathered to enjoy the true hometown pleasures of the mid-week event. 

Following our interview, Jon walked around downtown Grayson and posed for a number of photos. Each stop along the way gave way to a comment about how great the town looks and how much the community has benefitted from our parks, stadium and local schools. It was a background fitting the country music artist-a little history, a little bit of the outdoors and a great deal of gratitude. 

With a substantial download history on iTunes, Jon has made a mark in the local music scene as well as attracted recording talent from the country music industry. He has performed on stage with and without a band playing venues throughout the Southeast including The Cagle Family Farm in Canton, GA, Klondike Café in Boone, NC, and Jersey’s in Athens.

A strong following has been building and they are eager for the newest, latest and greatest from Jon. Good luck Jon-from your hometown! Be sure to follow Jon on Facebook at, Twitter at and watch for updates from on the new EP.