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Many types of hollies thrive in the landscape

Our climates allow for many interesting and attractive plants to be part of our home landscapes. Perhaps no one is more durable or comes in as many shapes and sizes as the holly. More than 300 recognized varieties exist, with more being introduced each year.

Timber beam of door damaged by termites

In Georgia, homeowners need to be vigilant for termites since their damage can be expensive to repair, and their presence is often difficult to detect.

Thorough spray coverage is essential when using oils and soaps.

Throughout the growing season, our garden plants are troubled by numerous insect pests and diseases. Though conventional pesticides are useful, using those considered 'organic' and of low toxicity can also be the right choice.

Tim Daly, County Extension Agent

Over the past year, the Extension office has received numerous phone calls from residents concerned about pine trees on their property that are turning brown. What could be troubling these trees?

Joan Miller

Sheer fabrics allow the most light to enter a room, but they offer the least amount of privacy. On the other end of the spectrum, blackout fabrics block nearly all light from entering a room, and they provide the most privacy. Which is the right choice for you?