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Joan Miller

Power Up your Shades

When was the last time you pulled up in front of your garage, got out of your car, manually opened the garage door, got back in your car, drove your car into the garage, and then manually closed it again?

Tim Daly

Chiggers can cause misery during the summer months

Many pests can trouble people such as hornets, mosquitoes, and ticks, however, one that is often overlooked are chiggers. Their bites cause intense itching and being small in size, often people who encounter these organisms are not aware of their presence. If you have never experienced chigger bites consider yourself lucky.

Tim Daly

Palm trees are not just for the tropics

Often, when homeowners think of palm trees, images of places with tropical climates such as Florida and Hawaii come to mind. However, you do not need to travel long distances to enjoy the beauty of these plants. Several palms can be grown in our area. They are attractive, low maintenance, tolerant of prolonged dry conditions and evergreen.

Tim Daly

Scented geraniums: attractive, fragrant and low maintenance

Although not as popular as the common flowering geranium, scented geraniums make excellent additions to the garden. They are prized for their aromatic leaves and colorful foliage. The plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Their presence beautifies flow-er beds, and they are ideal for growing in containers.

Joan Miller

Think Faux Iron

When a traditional window covering just isn’t the right thing, think Faux Iron. Tableaux® Decorative Grilles are very versatile and can be used in windows, on walls, ceilings, as room dividers and in any other area of the home or office where you want something different or special.

Tim Daly

Groundcovers are a great alternative to grass

Groundcovers are plants that grow low to the ground and can quickly spread to form dense plantings. In addition to being attractive, they thrive on sites where other plant material is difficult to get established, like turf grasses.