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Mountain Shadow Garden Club Annual Pecan Sale

Mountain Shadow Garden Club Annual Pecan Sale

The Mountain Shadow Garden Club (MSGC) is pleased to announce its "2014 Georgia Pecans for the Holidays Sale" our annual fall fund raising event. The newly harvested pecans from our supplier in south Georgia are scheduled to arrive no later than Nov. 15th. 

Demand continues to increase for Georgia pecans. Fancy Natural Pecan Halves in 16 oz. (one pound) packages are $11.00. Chocolate Covered and Roasted & Salted Pecan Halves in 12 oz. packages are $8.00. We expect high quality pecans again this year and would be delighted to add you to our customer list. Our long-standing customers know “You Can Taste the Difference!” in freshly harvested pecans. It’s a local tradition.

However, to assure your request is filled, we recommend orders be placed in advance with a member of MSGC. Please e-mail or call us at one of these numbers:

404-296-7317, 770-923-9762, 770-469-5376, 770-879-6116, 404-915-7132, or 678-580-5170.