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New Year’s resolutions for students

A resolution is a promise we each make to ourselves, and this time of year most of us are thinking about what we want to be different in 2015 from 2014.  To allow for change we must be willing to honestly assess ourselves and identify what it is in or around us that prohibits us from making those changes we so desire.  Students often need change, too.  So, following are examples of New Year’s Resolutions a student could set.

Carol Wood

•Start with a new attitude about your future and yourself.  Think positively about your abilities and change any negative self-talk you have about your potential and future success.

•Work on becoming healthier by exercising more often, eating more nutritiously, and sleeping 7-8 hours each day.

•Commit yourself to earn high grades so there are many post-secondary options for you at the completion of high school.

•Put forth 100% effort towards your academics and place emphasis on working to the best of your ability.  Remember your full-time job is to be a student!

•Accept personal responsibility when you fail to do what your teachers and parents expect.  Do not place blame on other people or situations for your mishaps, omissions, and/or poor decisions, judgment or actions.

•Stop procrastinating!  This is a tough habit to break so identify some actions you could take to lessen the incidences of procrastination.  This could include ridding of distractions such as technology use and/or tackling the most challenging academic tasks first.

•Become better organized by using an agenda consistently, rewriting class notes so they are more legible, and color-coding texts and course notebooks.

•Reassess your after school and extracurricular activities and eliminate some if your schedule is so busy you are not able to devote focused time on your studies and/or your grades and mastery of material are suffering as a consequence. 

If you do not want to share your resolutions with anyone, write them down, place them in a time capsule and hide it somewhere not visible to family or friends.  Then, in one year, open the time capsule and revisit your resolutions to determine how you did in 2015.  For those accomplished, congratulate yourself.  For those not accomplished, evaluate why and move on to the next set of New Year’s Resolutions!  Happy 2015!!

Carol is the founder and CEO of Total Learning Concepts, which provides academic tutorial support, SAT & ACT test preparation, accredited course work, and college admissions counseling and coaching to students of all ages and grade levels. For more information about Total Learning Concepts, Inc., please call 770-381-5958

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