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Off to a good start

Every start to the school year seems special. However, the 2017-2018 year kicked it up a notch with, for some, a once in a life time phenomenon, the Solar Eclipse. Schools all over the county celebrated in a variety of ways.

Mario Hill, Darren Domercant and Patrick Lyons

Grayson Elementary, as usual, made it a huge event where everyone had a lawn party complete with music, food, family, games and eclipse viewing. It was a day to remember. Featured are fifth grade favorites Mario Hill, Darren Domercant and Patrick Lyons. These boys – who are usually found on sports fields all over the county – had a day to remember.

Picture Perfect PhotographyStarling Elementary School starts their year with the unveiling of the school’s annual theme. I am always amazed by the creativity and upon hearing a new principal was announced, Rachel Ernst, I wondered if she would rise to the challenge. Her official theme is Disney movies and she assigned each department a movie. Having elementary school kids myself, she knocked the theme out of the ballpark. Rachel came from McConnell Middle School as an assistant principal. She is wearing Mickey Mouse ears here but posed in multiple Disney costumes. Niki Powell is also a new Assistant Principal from Grace Snell Middle School and Jacinta Henry is showing them the ropes as the sole Starling veteran. 

Picture Perfect PhotographySoftball has always been a big deal at Brookwood High School. We usually go to the shoot and expect to photograph around 10 seniors in various fun poses. This year we were shocked to learn that they only have one special senior, Emily Dover. She got the royal treatment from the rest of the team. Her younger sister is also on the team making this such a special year for both of them.

Picture Perfect PhotographyFootball media day is fun for us in Gwinnett because we literally get to watch the coaches families grow up. Archer High School Head Coach Andy Dyer is photographed with his wife Kim and two children Mary Lyn and Andrew. Andy has always been an impressive football coach but this year we were charmed by his adorable daughter, Mary Lyn. She contacted us to make a special button of just her dad to wear to the games. We love both her school spirit and pride in her remarkable dad. We have enjoyed watching Archer start the season strong.

Picture Perfect PhotographyKeeping with our Media Day tradition is the Brookwood Football Senior pose. The seniors always pose with their moms. This touches me as the mother of a son I adore. The dads are not to be outdone though and keep us entertained with their traditional dressy on top, casual on bottom picture. They historically wear suit and ties on top and then jeans or shorts on the bottom. Standout is company favorite Allen Prince and his son, Nick. We have known this family since Nick was 4 – before he ever started playing.Picture Perfect Photography

Picture Perfect PhotographyBefore students get to the illustrious senior special shots, they start in the youth programs. Featured is Blake Woodring with dad Darrell and mom, Annette. Blake has played since he was six for the same Grayson Athletic Association team. This is a favorite family of ours because of their commitment to the community. Darrell is both the head coach of his son’s team and the president of the association. Anyone who knows him, knows that you can virtually ask him anything and he will either do it, answer it or get it done. Gwinnett is lucky to have families like the Woodrings. 

We are hoping the Solar Eclipse was just one remarkable moment in many for the 2017-2018 school year. It is off to a good start!

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