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Optical quality – why does it matter?

Optical quality - why does it matter?
By Richard Carlin, MD

Never before in history has the consumer had so many choices in where to purchase goods and services. From the big box stores to the mom and pop store, from the retail chain store to the internet, choices are seemingly endless. Certainly the optical industry has not escaped this trend. But make no mistake, choice is a good thing.

Richard Carlin, MD

So the question is: why choose to purchase your eyewear at CarlinVision rather than a discount retailer or even the internet where the prices appear to be much lower? The truth of the matter is prices on optical goods are generally uniform throughout the industry. Mark-ups are standard and the cost of a particular frame and lenses varies little from one optical shop to the next.

The price difference really is a matter of QUALITY.

Where can these high quality lenses and coatings be found? At the offices of your local eye care professionals – like CarlinVision. Why is that? Chain stores are usually limited in brand selection. Most likely they made a deal with a lens manufacturer to sell their brand exclusively – they buy in bulk and pass those savings on to you. Why limit your choice to one or two brands or lens designs when there are hundreds to choose from? Most if not all of these brands have the ability to be processed digitally. The same technology and high quality that you enjoy experiencing from your HD television is now available from single vision lenses to progressive no-line bifocals. These choices are usually not available at the big box stores, retail chains and certainly not the internet.

Also note that quality eyewear requires highly trained people to recommend and dispense these products. More than likely you will not find the highly trained licensed optician at the retail chain. You are typically waited on by sales people who may have had very little training in the field of opticianry. When a person chooses to purchase glasses online, this valuable service is lost entirely.

So the question remains: Why should a consumer choose to purchase their eyewear at the office of a local eye care professional like CarlinVision?

At CarlinVision you will receive:

• Eyewear made with the best quality materials, workmanship and durability

• Backed by our outstanding warranty.

• Highly trained staff dedicated to helping each customer receive the best care and attention possible. 

• Vast selection of frames and lenses

With all those reasons why purchase your next pair of eyeglasses from anywhere else?  

CarlinVision is a full-service ophthalmology practice for the entire family. Founded in 1977 and located in Snellville, we are the largest most experienced eye care practice in Gwinnett. From glaucoma to diabetic eye care and Lasik to multifocal premium intraocular lens implants for cataracts, our experienced team uses practical, effective and affordable treatments for a full range of vision disorders..

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