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My best friend is my identical twin sister, Malia. I like being a twin because I always have someone to talk to who understands exactly how I feel. My mom always says I have a built in best friend.

I don’t think our bond is like the typical sister-sister bond, it is much, much stronger because we were once one before we became two. You see, with identical twins, one fertilized egg splits and becomes two separate beings who are identically and genetically linked for life.

My sister and I are extraordinarily unique, we are monoamniotic twins, which only happen in one percent of pregnancies and we are that one percent! My mother said her doctors told her monoamniotic pregnancies usually terminate at 16 weeks and we are 16 years old. Therefore, we are very rare twins. My mom believes God has a special plan for our lives. I’m not sure what that plan is but I am curious to see what it is.

Because we were born together, we do everything together and we always understand each other. I feel like my bond with my twin sister is the most important because Malia is my sister and my only faithful friend. When my sister is not around me, I feel like I’m missing my other half. Every since were little girls, we have never left each other’s side. We didn’t like to go to school without each other. Even now as juniors in high school, we still do not go to school without each other. My mom stopped making us go without each other years ago because she said it wasn’t worth the tears. When my sister is sick, I stay home and take care of her and I am always there for her and vice versa.

The best way to describe a twin bond is it’s like having a best friend who understands you and you can tell them your secrets. Since my twin and I are identical, people will often confuse us. I try not to get annoyed because it happens quite often, and I realize it is confusing for most people who don’t know us. We look alike but we are very different. Malia is shy and does not like to argue. I am not shy, and I never have a problem defending myself, or her.

People mistakenly think that because we look alike, we are the same. Some people really believe we are the same person because we look alike. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a good thing we have different personalities because we balance each other perfectly. We are twin friends for life.