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Snell’s Pharmacy… Past, Present and Future Care

Snell’s Pharmacy...
Past, Present and Future Care
By Beth Volpert

Snell’s Pharmacy celebrated it’s 58th anniversary on October 1, 2014 without much fanfare. They spent the day doing what they do best, 

Dr. Michael Briscoe compounds medications for your exact needsserving their community and caring for their patients. Yes, that is right, Snell’s Pharmacy considers those who come through their doors to be far more than customers because Snell’s provides so much more than filling a prescription. For 58 years, the business model has been much the same, “Personal Service is our trademark.”

SnellsPharmacy interior 190The idea that personal service could define a business isn’t new, but in an age when insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies dictate much of what is and isn’t covered for an ailment, personal attention gets lost to what is prescribed for the many and rarely the individual. “We really do take the time to talk to our patients and listen to their needs,” says Pharmacist and owner, Dr. Michael Briscoe. “It can be dangerous to have prescriptions filled all over town while chasing temporary special offers.” Michael hopes that the community will make Snell’s their home for all pharmaceutical needs, but his biggest concern is that each patient should choose one pharmacy and stick with it to avoid any complications that might arise from mixing prescriptions with other prescription medications or over-the-counter medications which can cause serious medical reactions.

At Snell’s, the entire staff is constantly on the lookout for the best way to deliver any medication. According to Bryan Heath, Director of Marketing for Snell’s, compounding pharmaceuticals allows for making changes to the components of each medication which tailors the effectiveness for individual patients. “If patients are not getting a desired result from traditional medications, they should talk to our pharmacist about their reactions,” says Bryan. “Coordinating care with their doctor to offer a compounded solution can make a huge difference in how a patient’s health is affected by medication.”

As an independent pharmacy, Snell’s has been able to respond to the need for different delivery systems for medication. “Sometimes, a standard pill is not the best manner to deliver a medication,” says Dr. Briscoe. Providing options for hormone replacement, diabetic and wound care, migraine management, allergy desensitization and a variety of other illnesses, which include veterinary care, can make the difference for a patient and requires a knowledgeable pharmacist who is proficient in dosing. “For those who have an adverse reaction to systemic (oral) delivery of medications, transdermal applications can offer a good option,” says Dr. Briscoe. “We can customize the medication to the patient for the best outcome.”

One of the best examples of customizing a compounded medication for a patient might be that of hormone replacement therapy for women. One of Snellville’s strongest proponents for individualized HRT is Dr. Robert E. Kelley. “Snell’s is the only pharmacy I recommend for compounding medications,” says Dr. Kelley. “I know that they make them correctly, for each individual patient depending on what is needed.” Dr. Kelley says that compounding is both an art and a science. The ability to mix medications with the correct ratios so that it can be absorbed by a patient comes with a pharmacist who is willing to put in the time, energy and money to learn how to provide the right product. “We are lucky to have them here in Snellville,” says Dr. Kelley. “This is the way medicine used to be; we need to modify dosages, not modify patients to standardized dosages.” Dr. Kelley believes that doctoring needs to be about individualized care, not care by statistics. Compounding medications is a large part of individualized care.

Individualized care was easier to achieve 58 years ago when Dr. Joe Snell first established the pharmacy. His daughter and son-in-law Claude and Mary (Snell) Bates carried on the tradition of personalized service as they watched Snellville grow. (Dr. Michael Briscoe is also a Snell cousin). “I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase a pharmacy that has a good history of service here in Snellville,” says Dr. Briscoe. “We continue that tradition and apply those services to the future of pharmacy care.” Snell’s is still the kind of place that the pharmacist comes out from behind the counter to listen to the needs of a patient and trade some local news. Doing business “the old-fashioned way” lends itself to a good mix of business sense and the ability to remain current on the best, healthiest and most progressive way to serve patients. For 58 years, Snell’s has provided personal service and there are no plans to make any changes to the business model that has served them, and the community…well.

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