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Spooktacular night

Look out dentists….here comes the cavities! Why? Because this is the month that unbelievable amounts of candy is handed out on the last night of the month of October every year, Halloween!

Soroya Bagheri

Most of us don’t even know why Halloween is celebrated including myself until I found out that it’s the Eve of Saints Day also known as All Hallows Eve; an ancient Celtic holiday that has transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day of costumes, festivities, decorating and lots of candy. Thanks, Google!

So why do you like Halloween? What is your favorite candy? Here are a few things that some of our local students had to say….
Sydnee Newsome, a seventh-grader, stated her favorite thing about Halloween is trick or treating with her family and friends in her neighborhood. Her favorite candy is Reese’s. She is dressing up as one of the characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Mac Champaign, a freshman at Grayson High School, says her favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up. She is celebrating Halloween at the Grayson game as a superhero because it is Hero Night. Her favorite candy is Swedish Fish.

Gracie Champaign, a seventh grader, is going to be a Princess with her friends. She enjoys Halloween because of the costumes and hanging out with friends. Skittles and M&M’s are her favorite candies.

As for me, I’m excited about dressing as a Disney Princess with my friends and getting my favorite Crunch bars, but my favorite thing about Halloween is carving pumpkins with my family. Each year we go to the pumpkin patch and pick out that special pumpkin to carve…You guessed it!! There is a pumpkin-carving contest! 

October is such a fun month with lots of things to do! Festivals, Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses and let’s not forget Football! Along with these activities are Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Apple Cider! YUM YUM!!

Whether it’s trick or treating, going to haunted houses, or handing out candy, let’s make it a safe and Spooktacular Night! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to EVERYONE!