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Summer Sale on Motorized Window Coverings

Smart Phone, Smart Home, Smart Window Coverings. All of the conveniences right at your fingertips. You don’t even have to be on location to control your electronics from your hand held devices. From your doorbell to your windows and everywhere in between is where it’s at today. Just download the app and set up your personal programs.

Joan Miller

Imagine you have 4 windows in your Master Bedroom. You like to open the shades at sunrise. Set up & name the room: Master Bedroom. For time schedule, use the sunrise setting. The program will automatically adjust to the time of sunrise. More specifically, the actual time of day can be set. Then, on the back end, set up a time schedule to close the shades. If you don’t want to raise/lower all of the shades, just select each shade individually or group them as desired. The app will guide you through the process. Multiple rooms can be added along with multiple time schedules. If you’re familiar with Nest or IFTTT, we can integrate with either platform. 

If you travel or have a busy schedule, set the days and times to raise and lower your shades or tilt your blinds. If you’re at work when the sun is on the west side of your home, set the time to close those window coverings. This feature helps with your energy bills. If you’re out of town, program the window coverings to open and close at your designated times giving the appearance that you’re home. You may choose to run different schedules for each day of the week.

For those intimidated by this technology, I assure you it’s easier than you think. If you can use your Smart Phone or tablet, you can do this…OR just consult with any teenager. Just think how convenient it will be to operate those hard to reach windows with Smart Technology!

Hunter Douglas is offering mail-in rebates for purchases made on many of their motorized products now through September 11th, 2017. Of course, certain restrictions apply. If you’re interested or curious about how these products can work for you, please give Joan a call for a free in-home consultation.  The Blind Ladies: 404 918-5288 or visit the website: