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Carole Townsend

Happy Mama’s Day, ladies

I read something a few years ago that had two effects on me:  first, it made me laugh. Second, it stuck with me. Ready? 

“Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken.”

Bringing Joy to Children (Oct2007)

DULUTH- Chances are when Art Vedejs received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering he never thought he’d be using his skills to build a robot, or maybe he did!

After retiring from Bell Labs, Art, whose last name is pronounced VA-DAY, began volunteering with his neighbor Johnnie Rowe at the Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth. 

Our children ARE our legacy

Our children ARE our legacy

We take care of our children’s needs from the time they are born.  We feed them, clothe them, and we teach and guide them. 

Twitter employees came together to volunteer at Helping Mamas

Helping Mamas – breaking the chains of poverty

According to the U.S. Census Report, 27.2% of Georgia’s children live in poverty and Georgia ranks among the top ten states with the highest percentage of children living in poverty. Helping Mamas, Inc. founded by Jamie Lackey in 2014.