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Children’s chapter book delivers messages to help families through challenging times

Families today are bombarded with so much sadness and trauma in the news that it makes one wonder:

Children’s chapter book delivers  messages to help families  through challenging times

How do we guide and teach our children healthy coping skills and to live happily through, and with, difficulties? 

Linda Ratto, Ed.M., author and educator, launches the 2nd edition of Where Dreams Come True, a fictional account of indomitable young Sarah in 19th century Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The book, learning guide and CD set provides us with an illuminating story about surmounting a physical disability. In Where Dreams Come True, an early chapter book for ages 8 and up, Sarah and her Amish family use innovation with courage to achieve Sarah’s pursuit of an independent life. 

Where Dreams Come True is a story for all ages that will inspire individual young readers. Yet adults who care for youth may even shed a joyous tear – especially reading this story aloud. After all, one of our best resources for simplifying life and teaching how to live well is through story. This youth-empowering historic fiction, with its accompanying activity book brings life-skills gently into the hearts and souls of our young.

Author Ratto notes that “Healthy and happy living through life’s trials is lovingly woven through Where Dreams Come True and was inspired by my own children, two of whom have significant disabilities.” Resonating both in the 19th century setting and in current times, the book provides messages on the importance of loving care, family and community support, belief in self, and a higher sense of purpose. 

Depicting the Amish culture of the 1800’s, with close to 200,000 books sold globally, Where Dreams Come True, 2nd edition is written on an average newspaper reading level. It contains an elementary German glossary to bring the reader closer to early American-German life. 

About Linda Ratto, Ed.M.
Linda Ratto resides in Fayette County, GA and is a certified PreK-12 Master Educator, former middle school Principal, State Certified Trainer of Trainers, author of 15 books, and has guest lectured around the world. Two of her books on disabilities have been designated “Best Books” by The New York Public Library. As she helped her own children, two have physical disabilities, Ratto believes Where Dreams Come True can help others and has put that into action. Ratto conducted a multi-year campaign to establish a Department of Inclusion in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the distribution of Where Dreams Come True to Azeri schools as required reading for all 4th graders.

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