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Kelly Farris, ACSM CPT

Maintaining weight-loss

You have reached your weight-loss goals! Good job! Now comes the process of figuring out how to maintain all that hard work!

Kelly Farris, ACSM CPT

The truth about sustainability

These days, when you hear the word “sustainability” probably the environment first comes to mind. I want to talk about sustainability where your fitness, health and well being are concerned.

Kelly Farris, ACSM CPT

The importance of our community and giving back

“A community free of domestic violence.” That is the vision of the Partnership Against Domestic Violence. Being a fitness professional, I encourage my clients everyday to give their best efforts.”

Kelly Farris, ACSM CPT

The pitfalls of fitness trends

The various screens in our lives shout about fitness trends, promising major results for minimal effort. As a fitness professional with 25 years in the industry, I have heard it all and while I don’t find it surprising, these claims REALLY bother me. The claim that any singular workout will fundamentally alter your body is bogus.