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Expecting an invasion of Europe by Allied Forces a concrete wall was built by Adolf Hitler, beginning at the border of Spain, along with the French coast, the English Channel and then along the Danish coast continuing the length of the Norwegian west coast.

Bill York

After immigrants arrived on this continent and began moving west, the army built forts surrounded by stockade fences, to ward off Indian attacks and protect the army units. Without the walls, America might still be a land of Hogans and Teepees.

According to a report in USA Today building walls for protection increased since WWII, many of them built after the destruction of the twin towers.

A large wall was built in Berlin in 1961 in the early stage of the cold war to prohibit relatives in the Russian sector from visits in other sectors. It lasted until 1989 when Ronald Reagan said: “Mr. Gorbachov, tear down that wall.” It happened.

Google indicates 30,000 walled and gated communities have been built in America, many with security guards for additional safety.

The Great Wall of China is an example of a massive wall intended to stop raiders from the aggressive Mongol neighbors.

Israel began building a wall in 2007 after suffering deaths from the Palestinians and Hamas terrorists whose expressed intention was to force Jews out of Israel. If their wall had not been built there likely would not be a country of Israel today.

National Geographic did a study along the Nile Valley in Egypt and found remnants of huge forts with walls built to protect the Egyptians from invaders.

In medieval periods castles were built atop mountainous terrains with archers stationed upon parapets to defend against approaching enemies. In lowlands, a deep moat surrounded the castle with access by a drawbridge that was raised when danger was detected.

Saudi Arabia is currently building a wall on their border with Yemen to keep out the Yemeni rebels trying to enter Saudi Arabia.

In our enclave of homes, more than half have a wall or a fence around the property.

After the 1944 invasion of Southern France, my boat was assigned to Marseille, France for a goodwill tour.

Entering the channel into Vieux Port Harbor, we passed massive fortifications, built by conquerors over the centuries; Goths, Moors, and Romans. I expected to have cauldrons of flaming tar poured down on my deck.

I recall Marseille as a quaint community on the Mediterranean coast. A friend sent me a photo taken in Marseille of violent rioting since being overrun by immigrants.

The newcomers have built a barrier of burnt vehicle, effectively dividing the citizens.

The photographs are graphic reminding me of riots in India and other foreign countries. Because of the danger, I would not take a vacation in Marseille today.

Bill is a 92-year old WW II Navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can contact him by email at