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Wonderful old love songs

Are you lonesome tonight? You keep coming back like a song, I’m making believe, “Laughing on the Outside”, “If I Loved You”, “That’s My Desire”, “My Buddy”….”As Time Goes By”….”That Old Black Magic”, “A Sleepy Lagoon”, “Beautiful Dreamer”, “Besame Mucho”, “Among My Souvenirs”, “Happy Days” and “Lonely Nights”, “Tennessee Waltz”, “Mexicali Rose”, “I Walk Alone”, “Mexicali Rose”, “Amor”, “Red River Valley”.

Bill York

The list is almost endless, melodies that spilled from an aching heart, a song of loneliness to a person who was there at one important time in a life.

During intervals between invasions three sailors on my ship and I sat on the fantail and sang nostalgic songs we remembered as we thought of home.

Upon discharge from the navy in WWII I attended Butler University. In college we formed a quartet and sang for basketball and football games. Occasionally we got a gig at a club in town. Singing kept us in gas money.

We sang religious songs in some churches. Our favorites were, “I come to the Garden Alone”, “Amazing Grace” and “The Old Rugged Cross”. The songs brought back great memories of my childhood and remain my favorites today.

Eventually our quartet broke up because a couple of the guys left school.

One of the greatest love stories is exemplified by the ivory-white marble Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra, India, commissioned by the Mughul Emperor Shah Jahan, for his favorite wife.

Over the years an oldie popped up in my twilight sleep bringing back memories. The memories would often hang on for days. I began to sing in the car discovering I still had a good baritone range.

I have recorded some of my history on DVD’s for family. If details are not on record they will be forgotten.

I decided to record some of my favorite songs on CD’S.

I found an original recorder on-line. After I record the songs, along with online accompaniment, I will take the results to an expert who will re-record them on CD’S.

Occasionally, I can hear my wife singing along with me. She has a sweet voice. 

Singing a duet possibly we can go on tour, or Georgia’s Got Talent.

In my opinion entertainment today is much too loud with vocalists actually screaming to the audience along with deafening brass and string instruments. Some of the new singers actually shriek instead of scream.

Eventually, people will become tired of strident noises accompanied by weird bodily antics and maybe love songs will return.

Bill is a 92-year old WW II Navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can contact him by email at