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Beth Volpert

Darko Kitic and Miki Bajric, co-owners of Eurofed, specialize in repairing and restoring European model cars, but service all types of cars and trucks with the same care as the classics.

Eurofed Automotive… shifting into high gear

The parallel roads that connect owners Darko Kitic and Miki Bajric are uncanny. They are both from Bosnia, spent their younger years in Germany and moved with their families to the United States in 1999, but they never met until a little under two years ago.

Pop Moe and Taylor Miller

Mentoring through the years

As always, my view from the bleachers is a window on the community. This issue, many of the views shared have been from the graduation arena.

(L) Mitch Hogan, South Gwinnett High School golf team (M) Grayson Britt, George Walton Academy’s golf team (R) Drew Hutchinson, Brookwood High School's golf team captain is ready for the links.

Leading the way to the green

Community involvement is crucial to every sport. The adage, see a need, fill a need, comes into play often when community leaders have a few moments of precious free time. For Don Britt of Summit Chase Country Club and Tim Gaines, Park Administrator at SGAA, the needs they see are nearly endless, but they work hard to provide avenues to fill those gaps.

Charlie and Donna Broome at their favorite coffee and bagel spot in Grayson

Dance Mixer Magic

Love really does show on the faces of couples who are in love. That is exactly how this writer found Donna and Charles Broome. Their love for one another was obvious on a rainy, cold January morning when I walked into Parkside Bakery to meet a friend. In fact, it was magic enough to compel me to interrupt their breakfast to ask them how long they had been married.

The authors of Atlanta's Real Women celebrate the "unveiling" of their book at Chateau Elan.

Real Women of Atlanta


Most great lessons begin with a question. It was a question that began a conversation that led to an idea which then became a book. That question was, “Have you seen the reality TV show about Atlanta housewives?”