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There’s a fascinating world just beyond that phone screen

The mall is one of my least favorite places on earth. I dislike crowds. Mall teens in groups usually annoy me. And there’s a whole lot more merchandise under that one roof than I have money to buy. I just don’t see the point of it all.

Mandy Snell

Kudzu media

Hey everyone… Glad you’re here! Since my last article, I had a incident happen.

My precious yellow lab, Sophie, decided to take a long walk. It was July 4th around 1:00, we got her back home on Saturday afternoon. The reason for me telling you this is: 1) I was a mess for 30 + hours, 2) she has never done this before in her 12 years, and 3) Facebook is awesome when it comes to something like this. I had 60 to 70 friends all commenting and giving me encouragement. 20 or so posting her pictures on their page and sharing it and 5 friends actually got in their cars and drove around. WOW! As if I wasn’t crying enough. I want to thank all of you again, you know who you are.